Discovering New Things Exciting Promotions offered by PlayOJO Canada

PlayOJO Canada is widely regarded as one of the most reputable online gaming sites in the nation, and with good reason. It is one of the few casinos that does not impose any wagering requirements, which stands in stark contrast to virtually every other online gambling destination. But how exactly would something like that work, and does PlayOJO Canada still do contests and giveaways? There exist, without a doubt, promotions, and not only do they work, but they are also among the most intriguing that can be found in Canada at the present time.

The first system to investigate is the most important part of the website, which is called OJOPlus. The OJOPlus program is an easy-to-understand platform that is predicated on the notion that the more games that are played, the more points are automatically added to the account. The player is free to choose how and when to redeem their points at any moment, and there are no wagering requirements associated to using their points. On the other hand, the faster fresh points may be acquired, the more points must be accumulated before they can be spent.


To put it more succinctly, the OJOPlus system is a practical method that provides benefits to the most active participants.


A spin on the OJO Wheel

In the event that the benefits offered by OJOPlus were insufficient, there is also the OJO Wheel. Or, to be more specific, the wheels that have a significant chance of bringing in the prize money. Each of the games, from Wheely Easy to Are You For Wheel, offers a different selection of prizes. Wheely Easy always awards a prize, albeit of a relatively low value; in contrast, Are You For Wheel could provide one of several significant prizes or could award nothing at all.


Spins on the OJO Wheels are rewarded to players based on how many OJOPlus points they have accumulated, with additional spins being offered with the achievement of higher levels. Even yet, spins can also be won on occasion during special events, such as birthdays, or even on occasion, purely at random. There are no wagering requirements attached to any of the prizes that may be won on the OJO Wheels, and players are free to use the rewards however they see fit. This is consistent with the general practice of PlayOJO Canada.


Prize Twister

At PlayOJO Canada, the Prize Twister is a game that attracts a lot of attention from people who like to gamble. The Prize Twister gives out bonuses with values ranging from the Mini Twister, which is worth $500, to the Mega Twister, which is worth $25,000. The one-of-a-kind system consists of a set of interlocking wheels, and each of them has a Twister prize on it. If the wheel on the outermost level stops on NEXT, the wheel on the level immediately adjacent to it will spin. Naturally, the Mega Twister award is located on the wheel that is located closest to the player.


However, only those who are extremely fortunate will have a chance at winning on the Prize Twister because the spins are only made available to the most dedicated gamers. Unless it’s one of those rare times when the Prize Twister does a random giveaway of spins, which does happen on occasion.

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